Not enough space to detail how wonderful a Kyoto guide Makoon is! From our very first email interaction, it was clear he was exceptional; he was extremely warm, responsive and detail oriented in every reply. He is so in demand that we were only able to secure him for one of our four days in Kyoto. However, he planned expertly our first three days (one on our own; two for another guide to follow easily) so that it felt like he was with us the whole time. Our day with him was extraordinary- starting with him taking me to the ER to address an allergic reaction to fish and then seamlessly taking my son and husband to Nijo Castle once I was settled. Thereafter, he gave us a thorough history of geisha culture (while walking through the Gion district) to prepare us for one of our most memorable life experiences- a private authentic tea service with one of the only 200 geishas in Kyoto! Words can’t describe how special this was! We even got the opportunity to ask the geisha personal questions! In the midst of all of this, he took us to the most fabulous local spot for lunch. And found the best matcha soft serve ice cream for our son! Makoon is personable, knowledgeable, prepared, fluent in English and attuned totally to his clients. Beyond all of this, he wasn’t just going through the motions of taking us on an exciting outing. He was reverent in explaining the “why” behind everything he showed us so that the overall experience was powerfully meaningful. If you are lucky enough to get Makoon as your guide, you are guaranteed an extremely special Kyoto experience!! Highest recommendation!! Makoon is a gem!!