Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Great for first timers! 5 main spots of Kyoto in 8 hours.

ITINERARY (half day (5hours) or full day (8hours))

Embedded in centuries of history and culture, Kyoto offers too many choices for travelers.
This tour makes it easy for you.
Please tell me your interest, and I will make an itinerary exclusively for you.The tour usually covers 3 to 5 major sites depending on your interest.
We will come up with an efficient itinerary so you can get the most in your limited time.

If you are the first timer, I’d recommend some of these must-see sites:

Fushimi Inari Shrine (History/View)

The most popular shrines with 10000 bright red Torii Gates.

Kiyomizu Temple (History/Architecture/View)

The most popular temples with the panoramic veranda.

Gion (Culture)

Fascinating and mysterious stories of Geisha.

Nijo Castle (History/Architecture)

One of the most important sites in Japanese history. Witness the prime and the end of the Samurai period.

Arashiyama (Nature/View)

Beautiful nature with great shopping streets for crafts and street food including the famous bamboo forest.

Kinkaku Temple (History/Architecture)

The golden pavilion in the heavenly garden.

But of course not limited to these.
Each place mentioned above is quite big, and there are always interesting off the beaten paths in and out of these sites.
I will introduce these hidden gems, and a lot of photogenic spots.
Time allowing I’m always happy to show you more places around the area we are visiting whether it’s a historic sites, beautiful photo spots, or nice cafes etc. . .

Tour example

  • 1


    Your hotel or JR Kyoto station. Other places upon request.

  • 2

    Fushimi Inari Shrine

  • 3

    Kiyomizu Temple

  • 4



On foot with public transportation, taxis recommended to some sites.
*Please note private transportation can be arranged upon request.



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Tania / Family with kids / Australia - January 15 2020:

“Amazing family tour!” This was one of the best tours that we have done as a family (two kids aged 8 & 10). Makoon tailored the information to both adults and children and even had a tailored passport for them, which the kids loved. You shouldn\'t visit Kyoto without an introduction to this beautiful city from Makoon.

StudioA - October 12 2019:

“Kyoto tour - Makoon is the best guide ever!” It was such a wonderful treat to have Makoon as our guide, his shining personality and his love for Kyoto transfers dirrectly to your heart ! He shares his knowlledge with sincerity and passion. All four of us were mesmerized by his storytelling! Super happy with our extraordinary guide, highly recommend Makoon !!!

Steve / Family / United States - March 09 2019:

”Makoon is Great!” Our time in Kyoto was made wonderful by our time with Makoon. He is not only knowledgeable about all things Japan, he is also warm, friendly and attentive. His insight into the history of Japan made our trip so much more enjoyable. After going thorough a shrine, he led us through a \"gauntlet\" of food stands, each one better than then the next. He also steered us towards authentic Japanese merchants and kept us clear of the touristy spots. I can\'t imagine having a better person guide us through Kyoto.

David / Family / United States - November 18 2018:

“A tour so nice, I had to take it twice!” I toured around Kyoto with Makoon a couple of years ago and when I knew I was coming back with friends, I had no hesitation about reaching out to him again. He works very actively with you to try and tailor the tour to your interests ahead of time. During the time you spend with him you will get insights about the region, people, and culture far beyond what you might expect. The fact that he helps train other guides in the area should tell you alot. He also takes a lot of photos which he shares with you after the tour. Basically, the fact that when I go back, I won\'t hesitate to use him a third time should say plenty

Veronica / Family / United States - November 25 2018:

”More than a tour!” Our experience touring Kyoto was wonderful! Makoon was friendly and helpful, very attentive to the different interests of our family. He was able to share deeper historical information at each stop that gave us better insight to the culture and significance of the sights. He accommodated coffee stops, food allergies and many photo breaks, both ones he took and ones we had to have with our cell phones. We had a wonderful time and highly recommend Makoon for anyone interested in experiencing Kyoto!

Marc / Family / United States - July 10 2018:

”Great guide to show us Kyoto” We had a fantastic day with Makoon in Kyoto. He is such a friendly and attentive person, full of knowledge about the sights and the Japanese culture and his command of English is excellent, which is rather rare. He really takes care of his group, making the day a memorable one. Highly recommended.

Chris / United States - July 19 2018:

”Two days tour of Kyoto” During our recent visit to Kyoto with our friends we were lucky enough to work with Masaki-san as our Super Tour Guide. I say Super because his knowledge of both the factual details of the sites we visited, but of equal importance to us was his knowledge of how these 500-1,000 year old sites continue to fit into Japan’s current/modern culture today. Masaki-san is also a very good photographer and having his great photos to remember our visit by is outstanding. We could not recommend more highly working with Masaki-san if you want an in-depth and well organized tour of Kyoto.

Liz / Friends / Australia - April 30 2018:

”The Best Day in Kyoto” We had the most amazing day in Kyoto with Makoon as our guide. He was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable on all the top sites in Kyoto. His English is excellent. I cannot speak highly enough of Makoon for making our day so interesting. If you want the best guide in Kyoto get Makoon

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