Wonderful tour guide with kids! Or without

Makoon is a wonderfully fun and interesting guy! He is funny and kept our kids entertained. He was thoughtful in getting photos and managing time that worked well with our

Seema Bajaj
Full Day The Kyoto Tour, Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour, Your Kyoto Private Tour

Makoon is the BEST way to see Kyoto!

My wife and I visited Kyoto in late February 2024 with our 9 month old baby. Makoon created the perfect bespoke tour for us, catered to our interests, and with

Aydin K.
Full Day The Kyoto Tour, Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour, Your Kyoto Private Tour

Makoon is the best tour guide we’ve ever had!

We spent 3 half-days exploring Kyoto with Makoon. It was our first time in Japan and we had done absolutely no homework, found the extensive amount of things to do

Lili & Colin McVeigh
Full Day The Kyoto Tour, Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour, Your Kyoto Private Tour

An Absolute Must Experience – Best Way to Visit Kyoto

Makoon exceeded all expectations as our Kyoto tour guide. His meticulously crafted itinerary elevated our experience, providing not just a tour but an immersive and authentic learning journey. Makoon’s attention

Joseph Jones
Full Day The Kyoto Tour, Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour, Your Kyoto Private Tour


During our unforgettable journey through Kyoto, we had the pleasure of being guided by Makoon, an extraordinary tour guide whose expertise and charisma transformed our trip into a truly remarkable

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Our half-day tour with Makoon was amazing

Exactly what we were hoping for during our time in Kyoto. The blend of history, sight-seeing, and food was perfect. He customized the tour based on our interests and even

Julia. W
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Makoon was the ULTIMATE tour guide for our first time in Kyoto

Upon first introduction, Makoon asked us to fill out a questionnaire which detailed our interests which allowed him to plan a unique day-long itinerary specifically dedicated to us. This was

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Traveling in Kyoto and Osaka with Makoon was extraordinary

He takes you to hidden gems and finds interesting quiet areas even at the most crowded tourist sites. His restaurant choices are superb.  He even planned activities for the days

Your Kyoto Private Tour

On our trip to Japan

My husband I were so lucky and blessed to have been referred to Makoon by a couple of friends of ours to work with us for a couple of days

Nicole F
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Look no further, Makoon is your guide!

We have just returned from Japan and this review was a priority for us. In our opinion, Masaki aka Makoon is more than a phenomenal guide but immediately connects with

Teresa D
Full Day The Kyoto Tour, Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour, Your Kyoto Private Tour

Fantastic Tour!

Makoon not only showed us famous sites, he shared secret places and stories you’d never find on your own. He’s friendly, smart and passionate about his job. We were so

Meredith Davis
Full Day The Kyoto Tour, Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour, Your Kyoto Private Tour

A great introduction of Kyoto

Makoon made a great effort to make my short time in Kyoto as enjoyable and insightful as possible. He has a real passion for his magnificent city which he communicated

Simon R.
Full Day The Kyoto Tour, Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour, Your Kyoto Private Tour

“ Off the charts A+++ Guide (look no further) ”

We were looking for Kyoto tours over two days with my husband and 9-year-old boy, and once we found Masaki’s profile we were already sold (he was obviously intellectual and

Heather/Family with kids/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Anniversary Trip

Makoon made our visit to Kyoto so memorable. He tailored our tour(s) to meet our objectives. He was so informative on the culture, he was able to be very active

Ross V/Couple/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Great Tour

We have spend half a day with Makoon and have learned so much. He tailord an itinerary for us and showed us some very special hidden spots of Kyoto. Thanks

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Best Guide Ever!!!

Makoon is the best tour guide I ever had! My husband & I went to Japan to celebrate our 30th birthdays and our favorite day was our Kyoto tour with

Eytal T/Couple/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Amazing family tour!

This was one of the best tours that we have done as a family (two kids aged 8 & 10). Makoon tailored the information to both adults and children and

Tania/Family with kids/Australia
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Best guide ever!

Makoon is perhaps the best guide we have ever had. He has a very deep knowledge of the history of Kyoto and took us to several areas missed by most

Marc/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Truly a gem

Our morning went too fast with Makoon. Perfect english, so relatable and beyond knowledgable. Makoon was a helpful resource from before our trip and still. He created a great day

Katherine/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Makoon is the tour guide you need!

Makoon (Masaki) immediately was everything you would hope for in a guide. He was very prompt with all my booking questions and always stayed in contact. He met with me

Paige/Couple/United States
Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour

Best tour!!

My husband and I received the tour with Makoon as a gift from my boss. It was the best gift we could have received seeing as we were in Japan

Demi/Couple/United States
Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour

 Best Day Ever

I was responsible for planning our Asia excursions so I was anxious that each tour turn out. Masaki was our jackpot! From being prompt with his emails and eager to

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Kyoto tour – Makoon is the best guide ever!

It was such a wonderful treat to have Makoon as our guide, his shining personality and his love for Kyoto transfers dirrectly to your heart ! He shares his knowlledge

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Extensive visit to kyoto

Masaki made our visit to Kyoto memorable. He was flexible with our itinerary, had great presentation skills and spoke fluent English. He helped us make restaurant reservations for my birthday.

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Knowledgeable and Friendly

It was my husband and mine’s first trip to Japan and it was our honeymoon. We were fortunate to have booked Makoon. From day 1, it was easy to plan

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Kyoto visit

We had a full day with Masaki. He was very knowledgeable of the history if the area and was a strong communicator. We throughly enjoyed our day with Masaki and

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Thank you Makoon!

Makoon did an amazing job from start to finish. He was great communicating with us prior to our visit. Once we got there, he was easy to understand and showed

Zack/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Best Tour of Kyoto

Makoon is an outstanding host and we could not recommend him more highly. He worked with us to customize our tour and planned out a full itinerary before our arrival.

Noah/Couple/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour


Makoon is simply THE BEST tour guide in Kyoto! We had a wonderful time with Makoon. He was amazing not only with my 10 year old daughter but also my

Edwina/FamilyUnited States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Super Fun and Educating Day with Makoon

We had a great 1st day in Kyoto with Makoon! He is very knowledgeable as well as very curious about continuous learning. Makoon is a certified guide and trains other

TravelerPacPal/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour
Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour

Best guide ever!

Masaki (Makoon san) didn’t just show us Kyoto…but he showed us the behind the scenes in ways that a regular tour (or guide for that matter) never could have provided.

Sharon/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Amazing Tour in Kyoto – Highly Recommended Tour Guide

My husband and I had a wonderful day in Kyoto, guided by Masaki (known as Makoon). He was very diligent in understanding our goals for the tour and put together

Ramon/Couple/United States
Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour


Makoon is by far the most professional, detailed, knowledgeable and passionate guide we have ever had. He continued to amaze us with a depth of information and knowledge. We had

Tammie/Couple/United States/
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Unforgettable Tour of Kyoto!

We enjoyed an unforgettable tour of Kyoto with Makoon during a recent visit to Japan. He did a fantastic job creating an individualized itinerary to keep our whole family engaged

John L/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Kyoto in a day

My 16 year old and I had a great time on our tour with Masaki. He really knows so much about the history of Kyoto. While we did not expect

Marshall/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Two days was not enough!

I did a lot of research for our family trip to Japan. Makoon was very responsive and very professional from the start. I told him what I wanted to see

Jana/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Fantastic time with Makoon!

My 14 year old son and I spent the day with Makoon in Kyoto. He was fantastic! He was punctual, knowledgeable, prepared, engaging, and kind. My son and I both

Kimberly/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Fantastic Morning in Kyoto

Makoon works very hard to make a tour engaging and personalised to the things you find interesting. He is very knowledgable about Kyoto and it’s history. He also has some

Aimi/Couple/United Kingdom/
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

3-days-tour in Kyoto

We, a group of 4 people from Germany hired Masaki (Makoon) for a 3-days-stay in Kyoto. It was a outstanding experience to spend and share the time with him. A

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Great Tour!

Makoon is a wonderful tour guide! He answered all of our questions via email beforehand, created a custom itinerary based on what we wanted to do in Kyoto, and even

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Best decision of our entire trip

There are tour guides and then there’s Makoon! He is above and beyond personable, knowledgeable, and passionate about Kyoto and Japan. And about making that connection with what his guests

Claudia/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

A really excellent day with Makoon

We had a great day with Makoon. He had put a lot of care and thought into preparing the day for us and as a result we saw the best

Jeremy/Couple/United Kingdom
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Kyoto Tour of the Arashiyama Area

We had a delightful day exploring the Arashiyama area with Masaki. He is a true professional in every way. He was extremely knowledgeable of the area and helpful in planning

Joan/Couple/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

One-Day Tour in Kyoto

Makoon was by far the best tour guide we could have asked for! He was so easy to communicate with, very understanding and extremely knowledgeable. His vast knowledge of the

Katerina/Friends/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

2 days of touring Kyoto

Our family of four had an amazing two days of touring Kyoto with Macoon! He brought to life the history and culture of Japan. He had incredible insights, was organized

Amy/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Wonderful time in Kyoto with Makoon

We booked a late afternoon/evening tour and full day tour the following day with Makoon to explore the many sights of Kyoto. From the beginning, the planning process and communication

Gabrielle/Couple/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

5 STARS. Choosing Makoon is best decision on our trip. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend show you their hometown.

Thank you Makoon for a wonderful tour in Kyoto! Makoon is an expert guide, a wonderful storyteller and a really special person. Makoon’s easy going communications style and superb English

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Makoon is Great!

Our time in Kyoto was made wonderful by our time with Makoon. He is not only knowledgeable about all things Japan, he is also warm, friendly and attentive. His insight

Steve/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

SIMPLY THR BEST?Book him if you can!

Makoon is his nickname! He is a delight to be with for all ages. He trains many of the other guides so he knows exactly what he’s talking about. But,

Leigh/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour


Look no further. Makoon is incredibly knowledgeable, delightful, and prepared. He took so much of his time even before the tour to help us prioritize our time in Kyoto. We

Leigh/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Amazing tour

I can’t say enough good things! Extremely knowledgeable, amazing with kids (held their interest). All around the perfect

Amy/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

A fun and informative walking tour

We spent one day in Kyoto with Makoon and it was one of the highlights of our Japan trip. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the sites we visited and

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Kyoto Sights

We had two full days with Masaki. He truly was fantastic. Games for the kids. Itinerary outlined weeks in advance. Coordinated with tour van. These were just some of the

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Perfect two days in Kyoto with Makoon

From the moment we booked our tours with Makoon he was quick to respond back and was very professional. Makoon planned the perfect itinerary for us. Kyoto is a magical

Kim/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Above and beyond expectations

Makoon is one of the best guides we have ever had— in any country. He is not only knowledgeable and personable, he is well organized and fulfilled needs before we

Your Kyoto Private Tour

A tour so nice, I had to take it twice!

I toured around Kyoto with Makoon a couple of years ago and when I knew I was coming back with friends, I had no hesitation about reaching out to him

David/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Best tour I’ve ever done

Makoon is unbelievable! As you might expect, he’s extremely knowledgeable about Kyoto and runs a very professional operation. He’s a tour guide trainer, so he really sets a high bar,

Will/Couple/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Kyoto 1 Day Tour

Awesome tour guide. Very knowledgeable about Kyoto especially on the geisha culture. Would definitely

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

An amazing day with Makoon in Kyoto.

Although it was just a day with Makoon, it seemed like we have captured Kyoto at its finest. With a background of living and studying aboard, Makoon speaks English fluently.

Andy/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

More than a tour!

Our experience touring Kyoto was wonderful! Makoon was friendly and helpful, very attentive to the different interests of our family. He was able to share deeper historical information at each

Veronica/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Visit to Kyoto

My wife and I were visiting Kyoto for the first time and engaged Masaki’s services as a guide for three days. He was very helpful during the planning phase. Letting

Nils/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Amazing Kyoto tour guide!

Thank you so much Makoon for such a memorable experience ! We truely enjoyed the 2 days we spent in Kyoto with you ! To all who wonder whether they

Rupal/Friends/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Fabulous guide

The most professional, passionate, efficient and generous guide Makoon was very knowledgable about the sites, and more than his knowledge, his passion for his profession was exemplary !! A real

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Amazing day with Makoon

What an amazing experience! Such a fantastic itinerary made up to suit our group (which included kids). Makoon was a kind and generous guide. We learned so much about Kyoto,

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Inside Kyoto with Kyoto Tour by MAkooN

Makoon makes Kyoto come alive, from the ancient places and history to the best restaurants and shopping. It was truly an adventure to share time with him and explore the

Half Day Arashiyama Monkey Tour

He was the best!

Fantastic guide!!! He really went the extra mile to make sure that we were able to do everything that we were hoping to do. We cannot recommend him highly

Sabrina/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Flavor of Kyoto

We were staying in Tokyo,and as we only had a day in Kyoto we wanted to see the highlights of the city. Makoon was a great asset to accomplish this

Marc/Couple/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Best Kyoto tour guide

A big thank you to Makoon for the wonderful day in Kyoto. From the beginning, he was thorough and prompt in all our correspondence, provided me with detailed information of

Yuki/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Great guide to show us Kyoto

We had a fantastic day with Makoon in Kyoto. He is such a friendly and attentive person, full of knowledge about the sights and the Japanese culture and his command

Marc/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Two days tour of Kyoto

During our recent visit to Kyoto with our friends we were lucky enough to work with Masaki-san as our Super Tour Guide. I say Super because his knowledge of both

Chris/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Kyoto Tour Guide – The BEST!

Of all the tour guides I have had in my travels to many countries throughout the world, I can honestly say that Makoon was the best! He was very well

Arlene/Couple/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Hands down the best guide we had!

We adore Makoon! Not only does he have perfect English but he connects with his tour. I have 12 year old twin girls and a 14 year old son, he

Jessica/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

The Best Day in Kyoto

We had the most amazing day in Kyoto with Makoon as our guide. He was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable on all the top sites in Kyoto. His English is excellent.

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Personal Kyoto Tour

Makoon was the best tour guide that I have ever experienced. His English was just perfect and among the places that we visited, I was really impressed with the Arashiyama

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Family Vacation in Kyoto

My family and I recently visited Kyoto and was referred to Makoon. We had the best time with him. He showed us around to all the best sites including some

Wendy/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Fun 2 days with Makoon!

I did quite a bit of research for a tour guide for Kyoto before deciding on Makoon. I was looking for a guide who is young enough to keep up

Jill/Family/United Kingdom
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Only the best Guide/Interpreter in Kyoto

How did I get so lucky to have Masaki as my guide for a day in Kyoto? Five stars is not enough. Masaki is the utmost professional, and knew details

Thomas/Solo/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Kyoto by Makoon

Makoon was an awesome guide. We fell in love with Kyoto because of Makoon. We are older and a little slower but our family is younger and he was able

Lynn/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Great tour of Kyoto for families

We had only a day and a half to see Kyoto and Makoon did a great job of selecting sites that were interesting to our whole family, including our 7

Ann/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Ten out of Ten with Makoon!

From the very beginning, it was a great match! Touring with Makoon, we saw the perfect mix between traditional culture, typical of Kyoto and the lesser known off-the-beaten path spots.

Diane/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Masaki (Makoon) made our visit to Kyoto the highlight of our Japan trip and we were traveling with a 15 year old boy

Makoon is seriously amazing! We spent 7 days in Japan and had 3 tour guides, 2 in Kyoto and 1 in Tokyo. The only reason we had 2 guides in

Elizabeth/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Excellent ! Best tour guide !

Masaki, or “Makoon” as he goes by, was an exceptional tour guide. I can’t say enough good things about him! We booked a pricate custom one day tour of Kyoto.

Danielle/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Kyoto in a day

Mr Masaki, a.k.a Mr Makoon is the first guide i have encountered who brings a camera and becomes your personal photographer too. He is very informative, accomodating and knowledgable. He

Your Kyoto Private Tour

Excellent day in Kyoto

Makoon (Masaki) took my family and i around Kyoto for a day. He quickly adapted to our style, and spent just the right amount of time explaining history/culture, without getting

Sam/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Highlight of our visit to Japan

On our first morning in Kyoto, we had Masaki guide us around the Arashiyama area where we experienced the bamboo grove, monkey mountain and great traditional food and shopping. It

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Wonderful time exploring Kyoto

Very much enjoyed seeing the monkey park, alternative uncrowded bamboo Forrest, and special temples and shrines with Masaki. He took us to places the big busses couldn’t go to and

Monique/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

A relaxed and well thought fun tour.

The tour was well planned and tailored for me and my mom. Makoon was very clear and effective with his communication skills, knowlegeable about Japan’s history (I like that the

Gino/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Kyoto In A Day

Just returned to Hawaii from a quick trip to Japan which included 2 days in Kyoto. First, if you’re thinking about taking a relaxing trip to Kyoto avoid the Thanksgiving

David/Couple/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Highlight of our trip!

I cannot say enough good things about Makoon. He is the best! He responds quickly, he is flexible, knowledgeable, kind and great with kids!! Our tour with him was definitely

Tim/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Visit to Arashiyama

“Makoon” is an easy going very friendly guide. He made us very comfortable and we felt like he was our good friend whom we have not seen for a long

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

A great Insider’s view of Kyoto

I have travelled to many places but never had a guide impress me more. First of all, I appreciate his communications prior to my travel providing me insight on the

Angela/Solo/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

It is a pleasant trip exceeding our expectations

We were glad to have engaged his service, and he had make it a memorable one and we had requested for his contact to our friends who are intending to

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

The Key to Kyoto

Makoon opened our eyes, ears, hearts and souls to the beauty of Kyoto. While our visit was short, our experience was infinite as we will carry these memories for the

Michael/Couple/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Great Day!

Masaki or Makoon (as he likes to be known) was the perfect guide for our family of first timers to Kyoto. His knowledge and passion for his town are infectious

Full Day The Kyoto Tour

A tour guide that makes every experience better

Makoon can take a simple tour of a temple and makes it feel like the movie Night at the Museum. A real life visualization of history from the story telling

James/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Best Tour Guide in Kyoto!!!

We are first time visitors with family of 4. Makoon thoughtfully planned 1.5 days of itineraries that satisfied each of our interests. He was very flexible and accommodating. We enjoyed

Joni/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Great last minute decision!

We were lucky to be able to book Makoon the day before our tour. He e-mailed us asking for our preferences for the tour and for lunch and he made

Peter/Family/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

top notch guide with extensive knowledge of japanese culture and history

we had an outstanding day with makoon! we traveled very efficiently to all the different sites in kyoto by car with our family of 4. this was quite fortunate as

Linda/Couple/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour

Kyota in a day

Masaki was in one word excellent! He was knowledgeable – knew how to maximize time and avoid crowds. He customized our trip. We quickly took his advice not to try

Pete/Couple/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Excellent family tour of Kyoto

Makoon was an exceptionally good guide for me and my family in Kyoto. I’m a pretty critical person but Makoon gave us a five-star experience. Some of the best things

David/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Best tour guide of our entire trip!Justin

We hired Masaki (Makoon) for 2 days while we were in Kyoto. He was exactly what we weee looking for. My kids absolutely loved him and his tour. He was

Justin/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour

Absolutely awesome guide!

We engaged Masaki for three full days in Kyoto. He was wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable, totally fluent in English and has a wonderful personality. He also has his own

Tony/Family/United States
Your Kyoto Private Tour


Makoon was one of the nicest tour guides I have ever had in my travels to over 29 countries. He was superiorly knowledgeable, knew the best places and times of

Joshua/Friends/United States
Full Day The Kyoto Tour
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