Masaki (Makoon san) didn’t just show us Kyoto…but he showed us the behind the scenes in ways that a regular tour (or guide for that matter) never could have provided. I had 2 teenagers with me and he was great with them as they learned but remaining super engaged. Our full day itinerary was completely customized ahead of time to suit our interests – which included providing a balance of temples/history with an interest to get a deep exploration of culture, food, etc. And communicating with him ahead of time was a breeze…as he was very responsive (with outstanding English skills) and adapted according to our individual interests (down to what to eat for lunch). He exceeded all expectations. He is a Nationally Licensed Guide with a wealth of information not just about Kyoto but Japan in general….and is one of the few people to have actually met/interviewed a Geisha – so was able to provide a much deeper insight into their lives and culture than would normal. Don’t visit Kyoto without a guide as there are so many items the regular tourist will miss just walking around. And don’t guide with anyone other than Masaki. He’s the best! Thank you Makoon san for providing an impressionable and lifetime memory of Kyoto for me and my family!