We hired Masaki (Makoon) for 2 days while we were in Kyoto. He was exactly what we weee looking for. My kids absolutely loved him and his tour. He was so knowledgeable about Japanese history (including the Relstiknships between the Shogun and the Emperor) and was able to explain it to our children in such a fun and easy way. He has his own car so we were able to avoid the hot days when we traveled from different sites. He took us to the popular sites and even some less frequented sites that were amazing. (We even had one site to ourselves for awhile with views of the entire city of Kyoto.). One of highlights for the tour for my kids was having lunch at a sushi conveyor belt restaurant where we ordered food on an IPad like device. The food was delivered on a belt. We deposited our empty plates in a dispenser and for every 5 plates we would get a chance to win a prize. Definitely something to check out if you are traveling with your family. He also gave us some great recommendations for dinners while we were in Kyoto. Honestly, the 2 days with Makoon were the highlight of our trip in Japan. I highly recommend hiring Makoon for your trip in Kyoto.