My family and I recently visited Kyoto and was referred to Makoon. We had the best time with him. He showed us around to all the best sites including some off the grid places that most tourists don’t get to see.

He is so knowledgeable and makes each site interesting and beautiful as he tells stories and comments on all of the history behind each site. The one thing I enjoyed most about listening to Makoon was that when we visited each site (shrines, temples, etc.) he told a story with confidence and clear diction that focused on the sites significance in a memorable way. Unlike other tours Makoon’s unique style captivated us and allowed us to enjoy and remember each place as we look back on pictures.

Our trip to Kyoto was amazing because of him! We could not have asked for a more polite, knowledgeable, fun, and interesting guide! I would refer him to anyone looking to see sites in Kyoto. I can’t imagine seeing the sites without him. He also brought us to some great restaurants and taught us so much about the language, culture and background of the city and country of japan.

We had fun with him and will always remember our time with Makoon!