I did quite a bit of research for a tour guide for Kyoto before deciding on Makoon. I was looking for a guide who is young enough to keep up with me but not so young that I would have trouble relating. Also he seemed fun and engaging from his profile.
When we met I was so glad I picked him! Not only is he fun and engaging, he is very funny and kind and has great patience. He was able to quickly determine my likes and dislikes and continued to tailor the tour through the 2 days. He told me a lot of interesting stories and seemed to have endless knowledge about Kyoto. He was never at loss and was able to answer all my questions, even the more obscure ones.
We had a very comfortable 2 days together. I never once felt awkward and it was like talking to am old friend. in fact I had a better time with him than I do with some of my actual friends.
I will definitely be back to this beautiful city and I will definitely call on Makoon to guide me to more places next time!