We were lucky to be able to book Makoon the day before our tour. He e-mailed us asking for our preferences for the tour and for lunch and he made all of the necessary arrangements. He even provided a personalized brochure/itinerary for the tour. He arrived at our hotel early and off we went to see Kiyomizu Temple, Gion including Pontocho, and the Fushimi Inari Shrine. We were even able to see a Geiko and Maiko! We stopped for lunch in-between at an excellent Yakitori restaurant he had booked ahead of time. He was nice enough to take us to a supermarket looking for a certain kind of candy. Having his car for the tour provided a great deal of flexibility. It was nice to get his cultural insights and learn details about each site we would not have otherwise known. His english is outstanding and he answered all of our multiple questions. As an added benefit, he brought his camera and took pictures and videos of us throughout the tour and shared them with us at the end. We truly appreciated his enthusiasm for Kyoto, as well as his insights and overall high level of customer service. Having the photos as a reminder of the great tour made it even better. We highly recommend him as your tour guide!