Makoon (Masaki) immediately was everything you would hope for in a guide. He was very prompt with all my booking questions and always stayed in contact. He met with me at 6AM! He came to the hotel I was staying at to be my guide (which was so awesome for someone unfamiliar of where to go). He made me a guide pamphlet and a ginger allergy card. We set off for our adventure and he immediately started off with stories of Kyoto and allowed me to get to know him better. I felt like I was traveling with a friend from Kyoto! He knew so much history and pointed out things I would have never known about. Makoon is the tour guide for you if you want to have a laid back and educational experience of Kyoto. He also gave me great tips on where to buy things ( I got a great Kimono for my mom at Chicagos). Thanks Makoon! Best tour guide I have ever had!